Heejeong’s Postcard Text

Mom, I love you.

My mom used to work in a marketplace and save money little by little. And she tenaciously raised me and my siblings. Like our mom, we grew up to be strong adults. Our grandchildren got bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees and they are working hard. But Mom, you are now in heaven. It is like just days ago when I laughed happily with you. I still remember the touching and grateful moments of enjoying different dishes you prepared for us. 

To loving brothers and sisters,

As God gathered us together as siblings, it is best to have a healthy body and mind. Let us fill this day with our beautiful memories, caring about each other and enjoying ourselves before we become too old for that.

To my lovely daughter,

My daughter, I still see clearly how lovely you were when you were a little kid. Whenever I video chat with you, I’m so amazed by how you grew up so fast. We live far from each other but I always thank you for having grown up to be such a great adult. Character is more important than knowledge so do your best today, always with enthusiasm. You are the treasure of my life and the sun of hope! Live today with a sincere heart.

To my precious friend,

My friend, life’s journey could be either long or short. Once you go through it, you can’t come back. Our days of youth never come again. But the young person in each of our hearts will never grow old. So let us have fond memories in a starry land by the Chuncheon Lake.   

To myself,

As spring and summer come and go, a white cloud is wandering about a distant mountain. As days go by, the cloud tells me to live a life that I won’t regret. Life doesn’t have the right answer. As I empty and fill it again and again, life in this world flows like the wind and river. But I hear this message. “Don’t lose your health, even though you may lose everything.”