2020 Artists

2019 Participating Artists

Namhui Kim

Sujin Kim

Yeonsu Kim

Yongin Kim

Jeongsun Kim

Hobin Kim

Jihye Park

Hyosun Song

Hyeonsun Shin

Miae Yoo

Heejeong Yoon

Sangjun Lee

Yoonseon Lee

Jemin Lee

Miae Jeon


Jongmin Ho

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About Company Bad

Company Bad experiment with the interweaving of cultures, employing processes and creating experiences that are radical, multilingual, and inclusive. We value relationships, reflection, and disruption. Company Bad is a collective of artists who have been working across Australia and Korea for fifteen years. The lead artists involved in Hello Project are:

Younghee Park

Jeremy Neideck

Nathan Stoneham

M’ck McKeague

10 Spoons Association

Ten Spoons started as the Chuncheon Dance Festival in 2002. Since 2003, it has changed its name to Chuncheon Arts Festival and is held in Chuncheon every year. It developed into an incorporation in August 2019 and has continues for 20 years. Ten Spoons comes from the idiom that ten spoons of rice from ten people make a bowl for a person. It means a combined donation can save one needy person easily. Performing arts created by many people save a person’s life! This is the basic philosophy of the festival. Ten Spoons goes beyond the logic of capital and pursue true performing arts through sharing the minds. It is striving to develop performing arts and increase the cultural and artistic experience of the local community. In addition to the festival, Ten Spoons also actively host workshops and produce performances with experts and community.

Boram Park

Seri Son

Yoonsook Yi

Guest Artists & Staff

Lee Lai – Illustration for Hobin’s comic

Jihyun Park – Illustration for Sujin’s animation and Heejeong’s portrait background

Dohee Lee – Portrait Photography

Pete Foley – Animation for Puliphana and Sujin

Tak Hoyoung – Mentoring actor for Jongmin

Jihee Roh – Edit for Yeonsu’s Video

Taegeom Lee – Edit for Jongmin’s Video

Soojin Shim – Props & Costume

Jaeyeon Lee – Hello Summer 2019 Interpretation

Yu Kyung Chang – Translation

Shinjoong Kim – Hello Winter 2019 Photography

Thank you

Staff Seoul Company

Lee Yoonseon’s Mother

Lena McMurray and Megan Williams at Auspicious Arts.

Yoon Yeoick, Lenine Bourke, and “A Wonderful Woman who Opens Tomorrow” (Gangwon Branch) for your initial support of Hello Project.

Soyeong Heo

Eun-ju Yu

Catherine Pease, and the late Roger Rynd, without who, Company Bad would not exist.

Supported by

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Hello Project enjoys the generous support of the City of Chuncheon.

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Hello Project (Summer 2019) has received grant funding from the Australia-Korea Foundation, of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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Hello Project (Summer and Winter 2019) was supported by Korea Disability Arts and Culture Centre and Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

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Hello Project (Winter 2019) was supported by Chuncheon Cultural Foundation.

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