Chapter 1: Welcome

Performers in wheelchairs and laying on the floor, arms stretched towards the sky, as paper snowflakes fall from above

We’re delighted to welcome you to Hello Online Project – our digital art book. Please take your time and explore the chapters and our pages. We hope you enjoy your experience here.

We’ll start by sharing some of our thoughts on art…

I want to beautifully express artistic creation about myself.


Art can imprint many things rapidly


I want to make art that could help me communicate with people.


I believe that art should give people touching moments and lessons and make them feel hope.


Even if a work of art is made by a disabled person, it should also be watched, shared and discussed by those without disabilities. I want to make that kind of art.


I believe sincere writing moves people’s hearts.


Although I’m far from being perfect, writing gives me strength.


I want to know from what perspective the world is looking at me. I want to see myself seen from the universe and my precious life observed. In this way, I want to change my perspective.


It is necessary to have facilities and conditions that could enable disabled people to do customized jobs. Such an environment could lead to a better future.


People need to make changes by making efforts while seeing, hearing, learning and practicing in order to make a better future.


I don’t want anyone to set boundaries based on races, disabilities, sexual orientation, politics, religion, culture or any other condition. Because we are one!