Chapter 2: Artists

Hello Project is about sharing our art, and sharing ourselves.

This page introduces each artist, including a few things that each artist would like you to know about them.

Hobin in a basketball jersey


I like sports (basketball and Taekwondo).

I can play in almost all positions. In the A team, I’m the power forward or the center but in the B team, I’m the guard or the shooting center. Before I was injured, I played in the ace team but since the injury, I have been in the B team. I was really afraid whenever I saw injured players. But I’m even more afraid after facing the injury myself. Compared to those who haven’t been injured, my physical capacity also seems to be reduced.

It has been 13 years (2008~2020) since I started playing basketball. I often think of retirement because of my injuries. But I won’t give up and continue to play till the end. I will never give up.

I’m a person who does anything diligently.

Black and white portrait of Yeonsu smiling with a golf club over her shoulder


I’m Yeonsu and I work as a workplace assistant.

I don’t think the world needs to know about me. 

I sit down alone to listen to music I like, read books, and contemplate. I wish for a day filled with gratitude.

My head is complicated – these days, I am thinking how to prepare for, control and acknowledge old age, and how to die due to the sudden death of Yoonseon. With the need for preparation and emptiness of the mind, I am also thinking to live lightly. I am cleaning up unnecessary items, throwing them away and emptying them. 

My mind is empty – there’s still so much to do that it’s always a mess and I have a disappointment and an expectation in people. I’m always begging the god to fill my lacking heart with prayer.

What could make the future brighter?  Positive thinking and mutual understanding.

Black and white portrait of Sangjun in a jacket and tie


My hobby is Boccia.

I care about sports – basketball, baseball and football.

I don’t remember it but at the age of five, I had a car accident. As the aftereffects from the accident, I lost vision in one eye and have hemiparesis.

I’m not good at expressing myself but I want the world to know that I’m a kind and warm-hearted person.

Black and white portrait of Sujin wearing a floral crown


My life’s works of art are my children.


As my children grow up, I also become mature and I serve as a fence for them to realize their dreams. That is creation.

My literary art is found in my video and book, which were released when I made a debut as an essayist. The essay is called My Father’s Thinking Chair. It appeared in the monthly magazine Sisamundan.

Works that healed me are drawings of nature. As I draw trees and flowers in Wando, I give a rest and water to my sick self and raise up myself who strives to survive.

Black and white portrait of Heejeong wearing a traditional Korean dress


My name is Youngok and my other name is Heejeong. I work as an assistant for activities of persons with disabilities.

After waking up with joy, I drink a glass water and do some simple stretching exercises before freshening up.

I’m from China and I sometimes suffer discrimination. I want the world to see all people as equal human beings.

Black and white portrait of Jongmin wearing a crown and holding a theatre mask to his face


I’m Jongmin. In 2006, I joined Wheel, an arts and culture organization for persons with disabilities. I have worked for the organization for almost 16 years. There, I work as an actor.

I usually wake up at 8 a.m. I study until 4 a.m. I study the theater. I like literature. I’m very interested in drama, novels, poetry, essays and fairy tales.

My hobby is literature. I’m doing my best to be a writer. I’m an actor but I study literature a lot. So my dream is to be selected as a writer for five categories of the annual literary contest organized by Korean daily newspapers. I’m now striving to meet the challenge.

Black and white portrait of Jeongsun wearing a hat holding travel maps


After graduating from high school, I began to work for a bank. I got married and I was full of dreams. But raising children, I forgot about myself.

Leaving the city, we moved to my husband’s hometown in 2017. Getting started again, I earned licenses to become a cook, care worker, and become an assistant for people with disabilities all in six months.

Jeongseon, Assistant for activities of persons with disabilities.

I want the world to know that I do my best to live diligently.

At the age of 60, I’m living a new life.

Black and white portrait of Puliphana smiling


I’m Wansu Cho. My nickname is Puliphana (“grass leaf” in Korean).

I work as an activist at Chuncheon Center for Independent Living. I’m in charge of general affairs at the self-help club.

My only hobby is boccia, a Paralympic sport and an ultimate sport for those with brain lesions.

My interest is in how to survive in this fierce competition in the local community.


I work at Chuncheon Center for Independent Living with my assistant. With the assistant, I talk about many things and I think about what to do next.

I have worked as an activist for ten years, starting from Seoul Center and currently at Chuncheon Center for Independent Living. I have been in charge of general affairs at the self-help club for four years.

I graduated from Korea Soongsil Cyber University and got a social work license.

I am a licenced boccia official and boccia trainer.

In 2019, I reached the semifinals for the first time at the National Boccia Championship.

All these are the results of my hard work, of which I’m proud.

Black and white portrait of Yongin jumping and pointing towards the camera


I’m Yongin. I live in Chuncheon City, Gangwon Province.

I want the world to know that I can do anything.

If we do our best in everything, we will be able to get closer to a better future.

Black and white portrait of Miae wearing headphones



Visual impairment includes both total blindness and amblyopia. When I say that I have a Grade 1 visual impairment, many people think that I’m totally blind, which makes me feel a little upset. And when people try to guide me on the street, some of them hold my walking stick to lead me. Instead, I would like you to see my face, to ask me if I need help and to help me with your kindness so I am not surprised.

In March 2020, I wrote for a Korean TV show called Companionship. The producer liked my writing and shared it on TV. I was thankful because it seemed to be a little message encouraging me to live with confidence.

On the Day of People with Disability, I received a prize. Rather than being happy, I felt that the prize was so heavy. Still now, I can’t hang it on the wall. I’m proud of it.