Yongin’s Page

Artist Statement

I had regarded art as something complicated and difficult. There is no right answer and I don’t consider myself perfect. But I felt great about being able to do many things as a member of the team.

I want to make art everyone can enjoy. 

I want to make art that is approachable for everyone in the world!

There are many people in this world. They are so different. They could be disabled or not, tall or not. They also have a variety of languages, religions and cultures. Nevertheless, I don’t want anyone to set boundaries based on races, disabilities, sexual orientation, politics, religion, culture or any other condition. Because we are one!

Art can give people feel an opportunity to think. People have different views while seeing the same work of art. Art doesn’t have the right answer given by its maker and it makes viewers think. Just like the Mona Lisa’s eyebrows.


Hello Home Dance Party

Let’s do a COVID-19 Vaccine dance together! Because these days, life is hard and people don’t get a chance to exercise.

Brief Moments

Cherry Blossoms with sunset in background

These are cherry blossoms at sunset.

The bright sunlight makes all-out efforts to shine behind the cherry blossoms, till the end.

Cherry blossoms let us know that spring has come.

It is also regrettable that I can enjoy sunset just briefly.

Selfie in traffic mirror

These days, I don’t move around often and I usually stay indoors. Consequently, I eat a lot, gaining some weight. So one day, I got out to exercise. Blaming myself for my weight, I looked into a roadside mirror.

Panda in a zoo enclusure

I went to the zoo with my relatives. I like pandas. Pandas are cute but I feel really sorry for them. That is because they would feel stressed in a cage, just looking at people. Rather than that, it would be better for them to live in nature freely.

Black cat next to a stone wall

Walking in a residential area, I found a cute cat.

I wanted to give the cat something to eat but it ran away. Maybe it was afraid of me.

It was a pity but that’s alright.

Sandy beach and calm ocean

I live in an inland area so I want to visit and look at the sea even more.

Those who live in coastal areas and look at the sea every day wouldn’t find it very special, would they?

Alpacca in enclosure

During the Chuseok holiday, I went to see alpacas.

Alpacas seemed to feel familiar with people.

They follow only those carrying something to eat. But some alpacas avoid people.

I thought that their hair would be soft but it actually felt chunky and hard.

My Self Portrait

Yongin sitting and smiling at a table. Through the window behind him, a volcano is erupting outside.

My Portrait Concept: Peace in Anxiety

In the photo, there is a volcanic eruption or fire outside the window.

The indoor space has a big window with bright lighting. I’m sitting on a chair and holding a book. That is the portrait I want.

I want to have a small flower pot in the room.

That is because I want to express the current psychological instability and the rough and dark aspect seen outside.

It could be the awkward way people look at me.

It could also be my physical and mental fatigue and stress I often face in my daily life.

The big window is a screen that shows things happening around me.

And reading a book in the room means that I try to keep calm despite such a noisy and unstable situation.