Miae’s Page

Artist Statement

I care about writing. That may be because I was born with a disability.

I’m passive and calm but I also want to express something


This is how I started writing. Although I’m far from being perfect, writing gives me strength. This is when I want to write. When I’m alone quietly, I’m ready to concentrate on something. That moment makes me write. It also comforts me a lot.

My Self Portrait

Collage of Miae on a braille device, floating on the ocean, using walking sticks as oars. A moon and braille symbols in the background.

My Portrait Concept

I want the backdrop to be my narrow visual field. On the left corner, my Hansone (tactile reading device) trip starts. I want to express myself in another world to look at. There may be fear and anxiety in it.

Sitting in a boat called Hansone, I listen to music and read books. Little by little, I get used to it and I explore this world I see myself. I want to express myself exploring this world.

These days, I’m learning braille at a local center. The braille alphabet could also be the backdrop. Hansone should be the boat so the backdrop should be waters. But the braille alphabet could replace the waters. I also need to row the boat so I could use my cane for that.

You in My Imagination

Original Poem, spoken by Miae

Black and white portrait of Miae wearing headphones


Lyrics based on an original poem by Miae

Close up photo of two interlocked hands in a green field. Under Korean text, English text reads "You in my imagination"


After opening the small window, 
Light was coming in carefully. 
It shined splendidly. 

In the outside world 
I find my way by touching things. 
I’m like a child going for a walk. 

The cool stream of water 
Boasts about its strength. 
Its voice is so strong. 

The mother and daughter 
Feel great with that and walk hand in hand, 
At the end of the world, I laugh with happiness. 

But you lose 
Your balance 
And fear comes suddenly. 

I burst into tears. 
Love knocks 
On the two hands. 
I was just praying in the knocking hope. 

Heart-Warming Memories

Miae and friend sitting on a bench with their feet in a stream of water

A great lady’s memories. It was summer. We dipped our feet in the water and had a refreshing watermelon party. We also ate some meat… We were happy together.

Girl with chopsticks

For the Korean TV show, Companionship, they filmed my daily life. During a meal, my daughter is giving me kimchi.

Handwritten note in Korean with cute drawings

This is a letter my daughter wrote ten years ago. It is so heart-warming that I still carry it with me like a talisman. It is my treasure.

Small white flower in the palm of a hand

A season when flowers were in full blossom… I don’t see the flowers clearly so my daughter put this spring flower in my hand.

2 friends under an umbrella in the snow

On a snowy day, we decided to eat something delicious. On our way, we took this beautiful picture.