Hobin’s Page

Artist Statement

I feel creative when I play sports.

I believe that art should make people feel body movements.

I want to make art about basketball.

I want to make art to beautifully express artistic creation about myself because I can explain my thoughts and feelings with body movements.


My Self Portrait

Hobin in takewondo uniform doing a high kick and Hobin in a basketball jersey holding a basketball with a colourful background

My Portrait Concept

I’m good at basketball. Constant training also leads me to participate in competitions. I practice only these three moves. But layups could be dangerous. I had a ligament tear on my ankle while practicing layups. 😊 It is always important to be very careful.

I also chose Taekwondo techniques I’m good at. This is a basic kicking technique. Both basketball and Taekwondo are great sports for me.

Basketball Comic

Comic-style illustration of Hobin reaching for a basketball at the same time as another basketball player.

“Let’s play fair!”

Comic-style illustration of Hobin getting his face scratched by the hand of another basketball player.

“Argh! It’s an injury. I’m in trouble. I can’t miss it.”

Comic-style illustration of Hobin wearing a face bandage, about to put a basketball through a basketball hoop.

“We WON!”
Hobin did not give up until the end. A game of one second.

Basketball Story

Basketball team group photo
Basketball team group photo with medals
Basketball team group photo outside stadium at night
Basketball team with signs

When I was an elementary school student, I wanted to be a basketball player. That dream came true in 2008 when I joined Chuncheon City’s basketball team for the mentally challenged. The same year, I participated in the national sports competition for persons with disabilities. We decided to do our best, whether we would be winners or not. It was the first time for us to participate in such a competition and we didn’t have many players. Anyway, we all did our best and I was the only one to score points.

In 2009, I participated in my second competition, Special Olympics Korea. I won my first medal on that occasion which made me begin to grow little by little. But after that, I had to face an obstacle. I trained so much that I was often injured. For example, I had a ligament tear on my left ankle and I also had cuts on my face. Like this, I had small injuries a couple of times a year. Facial cuts brought me both joy and sadness. What made me happy was the fact that I ranked fourth at the National Athletics Competition for Persons with Disabilities while participating for eight years. Moreover, I participated in another national competition in Daegu (with a bandage) and became a winner for the first time in my life, which made me so excited.

Smiling Hobin in basketball jersey, wearing a medal, and holding a large trophy

During a competition, I’m so obsessed with winning the game that I seem to become a bad person. At the beginning, I didn’t like an official’s decision so I threw the ball at him. I also yelled at players who looked less competent than I. So some players hated me. Even now, there are sometimes those who don’t like me but not as often as in the past. When I lost a game, I got angry and irritated. But these days, I came to understand others regardless of the result of a game. I also realized that I can also grow by losing. And basketball helps me form relationships with others and the sport teaches me all kinds of things through sadness, frustration and pain. I don’t communicate with others actively but basketball enables me to meet many friends, to make up for what is lacking in me and to relieve stress.

Hobin in Taekwondo pose

Taekwondo Story

When I was a kid, my older brother attended Taekwondo classes so I joined him. But it was too hard so I gave up soon. Time passed and I grew up. Since I came of age, I have only played basketball. But I wanted to try another sport and decided to learn Taekwondo again. Slow and steady wins the race! In 2019, I started with the white belt. Although the Taekwondo movements are difficult, I did my best and got the first-degree black belt. I also gained confidence. Both basketball and Taekwondo are great sports for me and they also help me stay healthy.