Sangjun’s Page


Smiling Sangjun pointing up infront of a yellow and pink wall

My Self Portrait

Sangjun wearing a suit, talking on the phone. On the wall behind him are 3 frames. In the left frame, Sangjun is wearing a basketball jersey and holding a basketball. In the centre frame there is a BAchelor of Social work certificate. In the thirs frame, Sangjun is with a group of Hello Project artists.

My Portrait Concept: Myself in my Imagination

I have both abstract and realistic dreams. Let me tell you about my realistic dream first. I have never gone to school. An assistant for persons with disabilities encouraged me to learn the Korean alphabet. So I began to learn it late in my life. Although it is hard, I dream of graduating from elementary school, middle school and high school and of working as a social worker.

And here is my abstract dream. I dream of running all around the basketball court, supported by so many people. I’m not a disabled person but a basketball player with my innate physical capacity. I jump toward the basket and my dunking makes people clap and cheer. As a key player, I pass the ball to agile players and lead the team’s morale. I also complete a three-pointer. Looking at me running actively, the spectators are cheering. Nothing could be better than this.

This is myself I imagine but I’m overjoyed whenever I think of it. I’m happy.

Artist Statement

I’m not good at expressing myself but I want the world to know that I’m a kind and warmhearted person.

I believe that art should make people feel what I feel.

I like art because I can talk to those who live elsewhere about my life story and I can empathize with them.


Family, Garden, Cooking

My family is a little special. Do you know why? Because we all have different last names. I met my mother and sister about 30 years ago. My father had a brain bleeding and after suffering 12 years, he passed away in a nursing hospital. It was a few years ago. After that, I didn’t talk much with my family and grew apart from them amid misunderstandings and hurting moments. Meanwhile, my only nephew, who is also suffering from a rare disease and disability, can’t go to school due to the pandemic these days. So looking for what we could do at home, I promised my sister to plant a tree. Let’s get started! But it was harder than expected. If I get lazy and don’t water it, it withers. So my sister yelled at me. But I didn’t give up.

Smiling Sangjun sitting next to a pot plant

Sangjun scooping soil into a large bowl with another gardener

And this year, I cooked with my nephew for the first time. Without the help of my mother and sister, I cooked Korean-style pancake and barbecue.

Assortment of food in dishes
Sangjun frying food with a friend

I also helped them make a greenhouse on the rooftop. It was hard but I realized that it is what family is about.

Why don’t you prepare a hot meal for your family?


For your information, my sister told me to come anytime to plant something after the quarantine period is over. She also told me not to buy a pot but to make a hole in a recyclable plastic bottle.