Jeongsun’s Page

Jeongsun standing next to a vintage caravan, pointing to the sky, with ranges of pine trees in the distance

My Portrait Concept

I have a dream for my later years. After my children get married, I could feel free to travel. I’ll buy a small motorhome to drive down a seaside road freely. I want to travel all over Korea.

With my husband who has always been there for me all these years, I want to climb Mount Seoraksan and drive down the road along the choppy waters. Freely enjoying myself, I want to visit the Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan for the first time and eat at the famous pork soup restaurant and at the hand-made fish cake restaurant.

Jeongsun’s Tour

It has already been three years since I moved to Hwacheon County to take up farming. I wanted to share the county’s beautiful places I had discovered and to boast about them. Please come and visit these places whenever you can.

Introduction & Masu Salmon Festival

Decorative lights over a crowded mall

Lake Paro

A pontoon with boats on a lake

The Maiden’s Pass

A bronze statue of a woman

Dongule Village

Large circle-shaped stone sign with Korean text engraved

Santa’s Post Office

Santa Clause and Reindeer statue

The Final Word

Jeongsun with travel map

Artist Statement

Art has passed me by in daily life so I haven’t noticed its existence.


I want to make art that is practical and that invigorates life.

I believe that art should give people touching moments and lessons and make them feel hope.

Why do I want to make art? Because I want to have feelings of touching experiences I have had in my life unconsciously.