Yeonsu’s Page

Life Cooking Show

Over the years…

Rural road at dusk

My life as a teenager:

Grey sky over dark mountains

My life in my 20s:
I was forced to select my career and I experienced inner conflict, and a car accident nearly killed me.

The moon in a dark blue sky with a leafless tree in the foreground

My struggle with my dark life and awakening

Closeup of lotus flower bud

My life in my 30s & 40s:
Getting married, giving birth… a turbulent life

White clouds in blue sky above countryside

My life in my 50s:
I let go of everything and keep calm.

Bright pink sunset over mountains, reflected on lake

I’m willing to live the rest of my life beautifully.
My small wish is to harmonize with everyone.

My Self Portrait

Yeonsu in an apron with 6 arms, each holding a domestic item with a dark galaxy background
Yeonsu Self Portrait

My Portrait Concept

I tried to express my busy daily life and my mind, but my hands and head can’t keep up! My arms and legs are busy – following the hustle and bustle. 

I’m really busy in my mid-50s. There are so many things to do, so many things to want. I don’t know how the day goes. I almost died in a car accident in my mid-20s and I thought the rest of my life, which was given by the Lord, should be without greed. I had time to think of death once again because of Yoonseon’s death. Also, I thought about the health of my family and how I should spend my old age, and the absence of me or my husband. I should love more. 

I want to express through my portrait that my head and feet move like a machine in my busy daily life and my heart is empty.

Artist Statement

I want to make heart-warming art.

I believe that art should make people feel love.


I want to empathize with people.

Why is art important? Because art can imprint many things rapidly and deeply.