Sujin’s Page

Artist Statement

Art is something that goes beyond one’s limits.

Experiences of pouring all energy into the vibration that passively generates emotions…

My interpretations re-creating the experiences in diverse ways with hands and eyes…

Our capacity goes up through a work of art which shares such experiences and feelings.

The bigger my limits are, the closer I could get to the core of the human heart.

I like to feel and interpret with colors.

I enjoy adding movements and textures to colors to give them life.

Objects are deformed under the sun. Refraction, which is dim and more distorted than the truth, adds value to even a trivial stone.

Light is a magic wand.

Hit by a magic wand, a pumpkin turns into a carriage and a mouse, into a horse.

I also want to be a magic wand that fascinates people with sadness, joy, loneliness and autumn light.


I want to know from what perspective the world is looking at me. I want to see myself seen from the universe and by my precious life observed. In this way, I want to change my perspective.

My Self Portrait

Portait of Sujin holding a bunch of flowers surrounded by flowers and butterflies

My Portrait Concept: Dream of Falling Blossoms

As I go away,
May I be a falling leaf and a flower.
May I cover my lips with a leaf,
Festoon my head with big and small flowers from around the world.
I have never been a flower.
May I fill this world 
with falling blossoms,
not with flowers beginning to bloom.

May I put on
rubber shoes.

I have my home
in heaven.
So may I be a leaf gently falling on a
May I never leave
any trace.

I want
To go away as a flower.

A Bowl called Sujin

Words by Sujin
Illustrations by Jihyun Park

Animated by Pete Foley

A New Perspective

Cloudy sky
Rough rocks
Sujin in a yellow scarf standing in a long narrow alleyway
Blurry lights
Yellow flowers in the foreground with a lake and sky in the background

I open my mind.
Looking back to think about my long journey,
I was trapped in a stone tomb.
I was confused.
After going through that confusion,
I find out that the sea and the sky,
me and the world aren’t really separate.
They blend together to become beautiful.
Like this,
I won’t stop looking at this.

On a rainy day, things blend even more.
It is beautiful.
My sadness and my joy can exist
because there are people
in this world.

A new look
opens the door
And shows me the way.