Exhibit 8

Yongin sitting and smiling at a table. Through the window behind him, a volcano is erupting outside.



Self Portrait – Peace in Anxiety, 2020

Digital Collage 

In the photo, there is a volcanic eruption or fire outside the window.

The indoor space has a big window with bright lighting. I’m sitting on a chair and holding a book. That is the portrait I want.

I want to have a small flower pot in the room.

That is because I want to express the current psychological instability and the rough and dark aspect seen outside.

It could be the awkward way people look at me.

It could also be my physical and mental fatigue and stress I often face in my daily life.

The big window is a screen that shows things happening around me. And reading a book in the room means that I try to keep calm despite such a noisy and unstable situation.

Audio Description