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A Single Blade Of Grass, 2020

Animated gifs with prose

When I used the nickname “Puliphana,” which means “grass leaf,” I was probably very lonely. Actually, grass leaves are everywhere and they live well anywhere. For me, a “grass leaf” is the one living in a large field, not in a small world. I would have wanted to live among such grass leaves. That would be why I used the nickname “Puliphana.”

Audio Description




A Single Blade of Grass

Words by Puliphana
Animations by Pete Foley

Animated gif of blades of grass and flowers swaying in the breeze with mountains and sky in the background

All kinds of plants like grass, reed, wild flowers and silver grass keep growing. They seem to be breathing.

Animated gif of a cartoon face popping up alongside a flower with the sun in the background

They grow in spring, summer, fall and winter. When spring comes again, they revive. I want people to know that I’m a strong person like these plants with such great vitality.

Animated gif of a cartoon man flying in the sky over trees

Flying in the sky, I see the beauties of nature. I see a thick forest. I see straight and high pine trees with singing birds.

Animated gif of a cartoon tree swaying in the breeze alongside a lack with green mountains and yellow fields in the backgrounds

On the green field, I hear a distant sound of mooing cows. Gradually looking closer, I see a farmer in a Korean-style white shirt and pants. He is plowing the fields. Beside him, I see nice and straight furrows. Beyond the small branches nearby, I see a mountain. Along the mountain, the lazy Bukhan River is flowing.

Animated gif of a cartoon lake glistening, with boardwalk in the foreground and mountains and sun in the background

Suddenly, I hear the song “Dream.” The sunshine comes through the cloud to reach the ground. The beautiful sight of nature passes me by. I feel the heartfelt song filled with eagerness. The silver waters of the Bukhan River are moving under the sun. After the farmer plows and sows, the ripe crop makes the fields yellow.

Animated gif of a cartoon butterfly flying with plants in the forground and a lake and mountains the background

The yellow fields are dancing like waves. Fully ripe ears of rice seem to be bowing down, dancing and saying hello. Above them, a yellow swallowtail is dancing while staying and flying repeatedly.

Animated gif of a cartoon butterfly landing on a tree branch with red fruit with a river and mountains in the background

Yoonseon Lee’s face and the butterfly overlap. Once you go there, you can’t come back. It is so sad to lose you. Butterfly, please boast of your beauty as much as you can. Over there in the sky, I hear Yunsun Lee laughing out loud.

Animated gif of a cartoon man looking towards distant mountains and sun

Standing on the fields, I look up to the sky. I smell the earth of the fertile land. The sunshine adds a gold tone to the yellow fields. I see the ripe ears of rice. When could I see the face again? Having become a butterfly, Yoonseon flies away, laughing. On the rich fields, I put my hand on my forehead to keep the sunshine from hiding the sight of the butterfly flying away.

Animated gif of a cartoon man with hands in the air against a blue sky

The butterfly doesn’t look back and keeps flying to the heavenly park where flowers are in full blossom. Seeing that, I also laugh out loud. The land is also laughing. Looking far away, I wave my both hands.