Exhibit 19

Yoonseon as a baby holding a ball
Yoonseon as a child
Smiling Yoonseon as a teenager
Yoonseon with her family by the sea
Yoonseon as a baby with her mum, sitting on the grass
Yoonseon pn the couch as a child
Yoonseon with family
YoonSeon seated behind two cakes, blowing out the candles with others.
Yoonseon smiling behind a cake
Yoonseon working at a laptop computer in an office


Yoonseon (1982 – 2020)

A Paper Doll’s Dream, 2020

Prose and photographs

Yoonseon was a much-loved member, and leader within the Chuncheon disability community.

She was an author, social worker, and dear friend to many, and is sorely missed.

Her contribution to Hello Project is greatly appreciated. Her original writing and photographs are shared here in loving memory.

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A Paper Doll’s Dream

A child was born and grew this big.
Born as the first girl of a family full of love,
She grew into a beautiful and purehearted child.

She learned to speak really fast.
At the age of three, she had a high fever and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
Since then, she has lived with her disability.
Since the moment she remembers, she hasn’t walked alone

In her childhood, she dreamed of a miracle.
She thought that one day, a miracle would happen and
She would find herself healed after waking up in the morning.
But there was no miracle.

Realizing that a miracle doesn’t’ happen,
The child began to dream of something she could achieve herself.
And she learned hope.
She learned that despite this, she must do her best.
She believed that with willingness and enthusiasm, she could do anything.

In this way, she learned to stop caring about what others say
And to smile again.
She did her best day by day.
She didn’t allow herself to wander even for a moment.

She met so many good people and had so many happy moments.

Of course, she faced challenges from time to time
And she had to suffer.
But such challenges made her mature
And helped her have a better understanding of the world.

And the child grew up physically and mentally.
And she is now in her late 30s.

She lives her life today.
She does her best every day
For a better tomorrow.

Every day is so precious
Because what I do today may be someone’s dream.

Although I carry a heavy burden called “disability,”
I believe that on the day when I make my dream come true,
My name will become a hope for many people.