Exhibit 17



Self Portrait, 2020

Digital Collage 

The title of the self-portrait is the “Dream of a Falling Petal.” I have never been a flower in my life. Rather than a blossom on land, I wanted to be a flower falling from the sky. I wanted to be a light petal which could be carried on a butterfly’s back. The piece expresses this.

Dream of Falling Blossoms

As I go away,

May I be a falling leaf and a flower.

May I cover my lips with a leaf,

Festoon my head with big and small flowers from around the world.

I have never been a flower.

May I fill this world 

with falling blossoms,

not with flowers beginning to bloom.

May I put on 

rubber shoes.

I have my home 

in heaven.

So may I be a leaf gently falling on a 




May I never leave 

any trace.

I want

To go away as a flower.

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