Exhibit 13

Sangjun wearing a suit, talking on the phone. On the wall behind him are 3 frames. In the left frame, Sangjun is wearing a basketball jersey and holding a basketball. In the centre frame there is a BAchelor of Social work certificate. In the thirs frame, Sangjun is with a group of Hello Project artists.



Self Portrait – Myself in my Imagination, 2020

Digital Collage 

I have both abstract and realistic dreams. Let me tell you about my realistic dream first. I have never gone to school. An assistant for persons with disabilities encouraged me to learn the Korean alphabet. So I began to learn it late in my life. Although it is hard, I dream of graduating from elementary school, middle school and high school and of working as a social worker.

And here is my abstract dream. I dream of running all around the basketball court, supported by so many people. I’m not a disabled person but a basketball player with my innate physical capacity. I jump toward the basket and my dunking makes people clap and cheer. As a key player, I pass the ball to agile players and lead the team’s morale. I also complete a three-pointer. Looking at me running actively, the spectators are cheering. Nothing could be better than this.

This is myself I imagine but I’m overjoyed whenever I think of it. I’m happy.

Audio Description