Exhibit 10

Yeonsu in an apron with 6 arms, each holding a domestic item with a dark galaxy background



Self Portrait, 2020

Digital Collage 

I tried to express my busy daily life and my mind, but my hands and head can’t keep up! My arms and legs are busy – following the hustle and bustle. 

I’m really busy in my mid-50s. There are so many things to do, so many things to want. I don’t know how the day goes. I almost died in a car accident in my mid-20s and I thought the rest of my life, which was given by the Lord, should be without greed. I had time to think of death once again because of Yoonseon’s death. Also, I thought about the health of my family and how I should spend my old age, and the absence of me or my husband. I should love more. 

I want to express through my portrait that my head and feet move like a machine in my busy daily life and my heart is empty.

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